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Customer Support
To cancel membership, retrieve a forgotten password or check your status, please use one of following links 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:
Phone worldwide: 1.888.596.9279
E-mail: consumersupport@ccbill.com
Web: https://support.ccbill.com
Login Problems
Before you report a non-working password, please be sure that you entered it correctly! The system is case sensitive.
Please make sure you have cookies enabled. If your browser is set to not accept cookies then you will not be able to log in. Look under your browser options to change your settings to accept cookies.
Please have JavaScript enabled. Having it disabled may cause problems with our members area.
Password Change
Because of our security policy we do not allow to change name or password assigned by CCBill during registration process. It is not customer friendly but only on the first look. The most members of websites choose too easy usernames and passwords that is possible to crack by using a brute-force attack programs simply attempting to guess a username and password with multiple attempts through the use of a huge database of dictionary words and their different combinations. A completely generated usernames and passwords are impenetrable and protect you against their lock in case of multiple logins with a guessed password. For your convenience you can save your username and password to your browser.
Do not share your password with anyone else. We have implemented features that will lock out your IP and login after making your login public! Please disable anonymizing software or do not come from anonymizing URLs. They might be considered hostile by the server's security.
Surfing The Site
The Student Feet website is designed for compatibility with web standards ensuring maximum compatibility with current and future browsers and platforms.
A modern web browser is recommended to view Student Feet website: older browsers offer poor support for standards and often incorrectly interpret newer CSS code. For this reason, these browsers are presented with the unstyled plain content instead.
The recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
Avoid Using Proxy Servers
Proxy servers bring up outdated content and they can create problems with usernames and passwords. To disable proxy servers please check your browser options.
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